What is included

  • Our Business Consult: Established is designed to give guidance to business owners that have outgrown the Business Consult: Starter.
  • Here we help guide business financial decisions and focus more on the numbers of the business


Questions we often get:

  • Am I profitable?

  • How much should I pay myself?
  • Should I hire an employee?
  • Should I expand or rent a new office location?
  • What processes should I consider putting in place?
  • Is this business worth growing?
  • Now that I am growing, what are things I should start thinking about or prepare for?
  • Do you have a good recommendation for a lawyer, financial advisor, bank, or payroll company?


The Process

  • Introduction: Before the call, we talk briefly for 5-10 minutes to ensure this is the correct service for you. We want to know for certain what you expect from the call in order to deliver exactly that.

  • We Meet: On zoom, the phone, or a local meet up destination. Our meetings can last from 30 minutes – 3 hours depending on your needs.
  • The Follow-Up*: An included follow up 15-minute appointment to answer any new questions you may have following our first meeting.


Services to Group

  1. Tax Planning

  2. Tax Preparation

  3. Accounting Services


*Follow-up must be within two weeks of initial consult appointment

Business Consult: Established

For established businesses, we analyze or calculate your key performance indicators and guide business financial decisions