What is included

  • Our Tax Planning service is specialized for each and every client.

  • Our tax plans incorporate tax strategies, loopholes, and any missed tax benefits you have yet to use.

  • Here we strive to help you pay the least amount of tax possible by developing a detailed tax plan. Our tax plans are designed to fit your specific personal and business situations.

The Process

  • Initial Meeting: For new clients, we sit down for a brief meeting to get to know you better

  • Free Tax Discovery Session: We start the tax planning process by having a tax discovery session to review your tax situation

  • Introduction: We get to know you, your business, and build a relationship with an in-depth meeting. This helps us learn more about your specific situation

  • Planning: We are off to the races and starting determining what tax strategies, loopholes, and benefits will fit you best. This process can take from 2 – 4 weeks depending on the complexity

  • Presentation: We present the tax plan with you and sit down for a ½ – 1 hour debrief. We present what we found, approximately how much it should save you, and your next steps

  • Follow-Up: Included is a 30-minute follow-up appointment within 30 days after the presentation. This follow-up is designed to answer any questions


Services to Group

  1. All-In-One Package
  2. Business Consult: Established
  3. Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

Eliminate the feeling of missing a tax deduction. We focus on tax strategies, loopholes, and benefits for you and your business.